<p>Through the mist and hollows, in the damp of shadows<br />
Out on the runway flat<br />
Is it a stranger passing by, perhaps a friendly countenance<br />
A figure from the past<br />
Comes a humble hero, neath a veil of searching<br />
Probing and alternating, within a cloak of afterglow<br />
Well do I say goodbye, or do I say hello<br />
I see the angels coming and I can see them go<br />
And when they come again, I can be whole and then<br />
A cerebral flight, with my celestial friend<br />
And as I flank the runway, am I a broken mind<br />
Can the future lift me up, out on a wing of light<br />
Is this the death of a dream, or a dream of death, maybe just a dream<br />
Is it me or is it me, leaving, a face in the fog staring on the runway</p>