"You never know what's percolating up there in the woods around Woodstock. Consider the infectious, melodic hard rock from White Rose Confession - a power trio whose members have cleverly digested and assimilated the timeless work of folks like Captain Beyond, Def Leppard, the Pat Travers Band and Alice in Chains. It's not clear whether WRC is planning on global conquest, but this is a damned good and polished rock 'n' roll band that's absolutely competitive with any national touring acts working the same genre."
-Rick Koster, The Day

"Connecticut trio White Rose Confession marries a pop/alternative vocal sensibility with sophisticated musicianship and highly structured arrangements. With echoes of Tool and Alice in Chains, they are intensely listenable, catchy and radio-ready rock peppered with auditory Easter eggs that differentiate the songs and appeal to the more astute listener. White Rose Confession delivers powerful, polished live performances (the result of an almost obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to rehearsing) that reveal three perfectionists who prize complimenting one another more than elbowing their way to the sonic forefront. White Rose Confession is a band. The definition of the word. "
- Heather Lloyd, ilyAIMY

" "Hailing from northeast Connecticut, power trio White Rose Confession churns out an eclectic mix of hard rock infused with bluesy roots. Their songs have meaningful lyrics, strong melodies, diverse rhythms and dynamics that range from acoustic touches to full-on driving rock riffs! Their broad influences range from well-known acts like Van Halen, AC/DC, and Deep Purple, to the slightly more obscure, but musically sublime, artists like King's X, Primus, and the Dixie Dreggs.Their original song, " Where Are You Now", sound a bit like popular rock act Incubus, while the shades of Van Halen shine through in "White Sands." And quickly becoming a fan favorite at live shows, the rock powerhouse "Terror Anger Horror" is receiving airplay requests on local radio. The band has been recording and performing steadily and their first all-original album, "Dreams Of Flight & The Mystery Of Death", is available on itunes." "
- Mark Renburke, Killingly Villager